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X10 Wireless Base Transceiver Module (RR501)

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X10 Wireless Base Transceiver Module (RR501) Description

If you want to control X10 modules with a wireless controller, plug in the X10 RR501 Wireless Base Transceiver Module. Unlike the TM751 transceiver, this RR501 model responds to both X10 and RF signals (not just RF), giving you versatile control over the transceiver’s built-in appliance module, as well as your other X10 modules. The RR501 transceiver module picks up radio frequency (RF) signals from X10 wireless remotes and then converts those signals into X10 commands, which are sent over your power lines. In addition to signaling other X10 receivers, the Base Transceiver Module provides a built-in appliance module, which responds to Unit Codes 1 to 9. Plug an appliance or light into the module’s outlet to enable wireless control. The module can be controlled by various X10 remotes, such as the X10 PRO 16-Plus Remote (PHR03) or the X10 PRO Mini Controller (PHC01). RR501 vs TM751 X10 Transceivers: As a two-way transceiver, the RR501 offers advanced features over the TM751. The TM751’s built-in appliance module can only be controlled by RF. This RR501 model also receives X10 powerline signals, allowing you to control the built-in module over the powerline, and receive status reports. Additionally, the RR501 has a switch that lets you choose from Unit Codes 1-9 for the appliance module. The TM751’s appliance module operates only as Unit 1. Finally, the RR501 is about 1.5 inches larger than the TM751. NOTE: Use only one RF Base Transceiver Module or X10 Security Console (which also converts RF signals into X10 signals) per House Code. If more than one transceiver is used on the same House Code, X10 signal collisions may result. SPECS: Power Requirements: 120 VAC, 60 Hz. Load Rating: Resistive: 15 Amps; Incandescent: 500W; TV: 400W; Motor: 1/3 HP. Dimmable: No. Dimensions: 4.25(H) x 2.75(W) x 1.25(D) inches.

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