Neurio Home Energy Monitor

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Neurio Home Energy Monitor Description

Style:Home Energy Monitor The Neurio Home Energy Monitor is a whole home electricity monitoring system that tells you how energy is being consumed around your home. After installing the monitor, you can get your finger on your home’s energy pulse with the easy-to-use iOS, Android and web apps to track your power usage in real-time. With bill forecasting, home comparisons and historical usage information, Neurio can help cut your energy costs by up to 20% each year. Installing the monitor in your home’s electrical panel only takes about 15 minutes and doesn’t require any wire cutting. Monitor. Change. Save. It’s easy. And with over 175,000 units sold, homes everywhere are quickly seeing the benefits of what Neurio can offer.Add a Neurio Solar Expansion Kit to monitor home consumption and solar power generation in real time!

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