Loop Check Phone/ Electrician Test Phone

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Loop Check Phone/ Electrician Test Phone Description

Continuity Test Phones- Yellow Insanity Skulls Continuity Test Phones All Electricians, Instrument Techs, Automotive Techs, Maintenance workers, etc, should have our high quality, professionally made continuity test phones in your tool bag! 12v internal battery and carrying bag included! Features: •Soldered joints •High quality parts and craftsmanship •12v internal battery included •Nice carrying bag included •Multiple color choices •Velcro straps to secure wire leads •On/off switch •Bright LED indicator light •1 year warranty •Extended warranty available •Customer support ***DO NOT USE ON LIVE CIRCUITS*** IF YOU ARE ORDERING OUTSIDE OF THE U.S.A, PLEASE CALL BEFORE PLACING ORDERS

Loop Check Phone/ Electrician Test Phone how to buy

On the site with TwentyClub there are actually catalogs for product, you may only opt for the Loop Check Phone/ Electrician Test Phone you want and place a order. In the future the director will get in touch with you and answer your questions with regards to Loop Check Phone/ Electrician Test Phone.

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