Insteon PowerLinc Modem (PLM) Dual-Band Serial Interface, 2413S

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Insteon PowerLinc Modem (PLM) Dual-Band Serial Interface, 2413S Description

Product Description PowerLinc Modem, Serial From the Manufacturer The Serial Insteon PowerLinc Modem is a serial-based home automation interface that allows PC- and hardware-based automation controllers to control Insteon-compatible lights, appliances, heating/air conditioning systems and alarm systems directly via the Insteon network. This home automation interface uses simple RS-232 commands, allowing any device with a programmable serial port to send Insteon commands easily, making controllers such as SimpleHomeNet’s and Universal Devices’ IP bridges instantly Insteon compatible. The dual-band interface sends and receives both powerline and radio frequency (RF) Insteon signals, so it doubles as an Access Point. This makes it ideal for new Insteon installs and if have or plan to use an RF-only Insteon-compatible remote, thermostat, motion sensor and contact sensor. The RF signal can bypass electrical noise or attenuation near the PC and it pulls many of the ‘distant’ Insteon devices one hop closer, which can expand the size of potential installations into even larger homes and commercial buildings. New features: Built-in Dual-Band with RF function, acts like an Access Point for phase bridging and RF to/from power line; 1023 links (compared to around 800 links previously); Added a beep sounder; Red/Green LED light; Supports faster reading and writing of the PLM’s database by another controller; Much lighter weight; No pass-through outlet. Please Note: The controller connected to the Serial Insteon PowerLinc Modem must remain powered on and running the controller program connected to the controller or host at all times of usage. Additionally, the dual-band interface does not supply power to external devices.

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