BGA Reballing Kit ACHI LP-56

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BGA Reballing Kit ACHI LP-56 Description

Package Contents: 1. BGA reballing station (1 pc.)2.BGA reballing stencils (56 pcs.): 0.45 mm: 82P45, AC82PM45, XBOX CACHE 0.5 mm: ATI 1100, ATI X1300, ATI IXP460 GFG07400-N-A3, QG82945P, MCP77MV-A2, NF-6100-430, NQ82915GMS, 965, LE82PM965, QG82945PM, 82945GMS, Universal BGA stencil 0.5 mm 0.6 mm: 4200GO, 82801FBM, 82801GBM, 82801HBM, 82915P, 915PM 915GM, ATI 200M, ATI 7500 9000, ATI IPX, ATI9200 9600 X300 X700 9700, ATIRC410MB, ATIX1600, CPS3-CPU BALL, FXG05200, G05200, GO6200/G07600, MX440, NF4N-A3 NF4-A3, NF-430-N-A3, NF-G6150-N-A2, PS3-CX714120, PS3-CPU, PS3-GPU, RG82865PE, SIS 964L, VIA P4M900, VIA VT8235, XB360HAHA, XBOX360CPU, XBOX360CSP, XBOX360GPU, Universal BGA stencil 0.6 mm (pitch = 0.9), Universal BGA stencil 0.6 mm (pitch = 1.0), Universal BGA stencil 0.6 mm (pitch = 1.1) 0.76 mm: 82801EB, 82801DBM 82801DB, 855GME, 845MP 855PM, ALIM1671BI, Universal BGA stencil 0.76 mm (pitch = 1.27) Hex key (1 pc.)Note! The manufacturer keeps the right to change the number and type of stencils in the kit.

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